Our Vision and Values

To deliver person centred care in partnership with residents and their families. Ensuring the choices and rights of the resident are our focus at all times. We strive to facilitate a culture and environment in which participation of all residents, staff and relatives is central. We strive to ensure that at all times residents feel at home and staff respect that they are working within the residents home environment. "Welcome Home" is our motto and we want to make every resident feel right at home.

Our Aims

It is our main aim to provide a caring comfortable and homely environment for mature ladies and gentlemen. In which any needs/requirements are met, but most of all that you feel at home at all times. We believe that it is extremely important that each of our resident's are treated with respect and dignity. Residents have personal choice in everything that they do and are encouraged to maintain their independence as far as possible. Residents can pursue their own interest and hobbies as well as participating in any Fairfield Care organised outings and activities.

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